How Can You Recover A Lost/Forgotten AOL Email Password?

AOL is one of the user-friendly emailing platforms and has made its presence felt in the online world over the years. The easy to use filters make it convenient to perform inbox-management. It also allows you to manage your calendar and events. You can also manage multiple emails at once using AOL.

Forgetting email passwords is a very common thing when you have so many passwords to remember. The same thing can happen with AOL when you are not able to log in using the correct email password. To recover the AOL password, there are several methods to try. You can also contact the technical staff by dialing the AOL support number.

    1. To recover the AOL password, first, you should check the browser which you have lately used to login to AOL account. Sometimes browsers tend to save the passwords of your social accounts with your permission. In case you have saved the password for your AOL account on the browser, it will automatically fill the password when the next time you will try to log in to your email account using your username. 
    2. As the other option, you can reset the password of your AOL account as password recovery is no longer supported by AOL. For this purpose, you can utilize the steps given below to reset the AOL password:
      • Open the AOL login page first using any web browser.
      • Click on Sign in option and type your AOL username.
      • Click ‘Next’ and then click on ‘Forgot Password’ link.
      • Again type the username and then press ‘Next’.
      • Next, you have to enter the phone number associated with your AOL account and click ‘Next’.
      • To verify your account, AOL will send you a verification code which will be sent to you by text or by a phone call.
      • After receiving the code, enter it into the correct space provided.
      • Click ‘Next’ and enter the new password for your AOL account and click ‘Save’. 
    3. You can also use an alternate email address to reset the AOL password.

      • Click on the option ‘Email a reset link to my recovery email address’.
      • Clicking ‘Next’ will provide you with a reset link at your recovery email address.
      • Click on the ‘reset link’ given in your email ID and enter the new password for your AOL account on the new window opened.
      • After you are done entering the new password, click ‘Save’ to confirm the changes. 
    4. You can also choose to answer security questions to reset your AOL password. Type the answer of the security question asked and click ‘Next’. If the answer is correct, you can enter a new password for your AOL account.

    After resetting the AOL password, try to login to your AOL account again. If you are not able to do so, you can reach out to us for technical help. Call at the AOL support phone number and talk to the expert technicians about the issues you have. They will suggest you the best fitting solution for the technical issue with AOL. The certified tech professionals are dedicatedly working round the clock to serve the best solutions to the AOL users in need.